About Stevan

I’m an entrepreneur  who’s super passionate about life and all it has to offer.

Through this blog, I intend to share experiences along my entrepreneurial journey and life in general. About people, situations and issues that have influenced and inspired me. Stuff I learnt, what people have advised of. Frankly I am not that great at writing,  but have so much to share, hence decided to do this anyways!

This blog is a collection of experiences and learnings that I want to share . It’s kind of my stuff which I would like to leave behind in this world, after I have gone. Have been inspired and gained knowledge from other people’s blogs and hope in a small way I too can share and contribute.

For any feedback or comments you can reach me through : Linkedin | (P) + 91 9892854805  | (E) stevan.noronha@gmail.com

Stevan Noronha    

Co-Founder and Head – Indian Operation | FOXBOX Retail Pvt Ltd.

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