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First Day Prayer of an Entrepreneur




In May 2011, I took the biggest risk of my life. I left my comfortable job and started out on a new journey as an entrepreneur.My first day as an entrepreneur was a bit terrifying, because it was so different than any of my previous experiences I ever had of a first day.


I remember the first day of my first job straight out of my business school (it was @ Times of India as a marketing officer). Even though I was nervous, I knew what I was getting into. My profile was handed over to me a week ago with my offer letter so that I could plan ahead. On the first day, my boss welcomed me with a nice smile and assembled all in the department for a formal introduction. I felt nice and important. I was being guided through the various jobs I would have to handle. Being mentored and was given direction. I did my job as boss expected me, to the best of my abilities. And during rest of my career the same continued only bosses and companies changed. But it was all the same.

But on May 6th, for the first time in my life, the first day was really very different.

I found myself all alone. Nobody handed me my offer letter or the profile sheet. I had no one to welcome me. There were no colleagues to meet. And here I was in sitting front of my computer  staring at the blank screen in my small office which I had leased

After some moment of reflection, i placed a small statute of Mother Mary next to the computer and I gently closed my eyes and said my first prayer as an entrepreneur. And it was mere 5 words.

“Lord, do keep me busy”

That’s the only thing I asked him on that day and for many days to come. Yes i thought of praying for success, money and fame in this new venture. But i realized that as an entrepreneur i had only one fear at that point. The fear of being idle. I was a workaholic, the very thought of not having enough work scared me. So my first prayer was to remain busy in doing good work and in process create something beautiful in the long run.

Keeping Busy for me meant focus on the positive, working for the long term . So during the inital phase i continuously worked hard on thing which help set the foundation for my business. Even though during the inital phase things were not always going as per plans in terms of sales and cash flow, i did not allow myself to worry about it but instead channelized my thinking and effort on what i can do now that can add value to my business in near future.

This change of focus helped me not just keep busy in the positive way but also develop a strong base for the business to grow. And god did answer my prayers.



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