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On Why Exercise should be the No.1 Priority of Your Life




Some years ago this thought struck me  “No money in the world can buy or replace your physical body”

Over the last 5 years, exercise has been right up there in my priority list, just after my family. I strongly believe that exercising/ gymming is not just for those who are into body building, it’s for everyone. And here’s the reason why…


Stevan Noronha - On Why Exercise should be the No.1 Priority of Your Life?

You work super hard in your 20’s right up to 40-50’s . Your major focus is to earn a lot of money which will provide a cushion for your later years and in the process many times you tend to ignore your health. And yes you actually end up amassing enough wealth to lead a comfortable life and fulfill your dream of travelling around the world with your wife/family.

However by the time you reach you mid 40’s your physical body which supported you through those long working nights and stressful situations, now starts giving up.  And you start developing all sorts of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Back problem, Blood pressure etc.

And then realize that, you actually cannot enjoy anything with all the money you have , since you end up spending most of the time recuperating from these diseases. They only bring you misery and irritation and frustration because you can’t undo it.

At that stage how you wish your physical body supported you to enjoy life’s pleasures. You have all the resources in the world except one – your physical body.  And then, maybe it’s too late. No amount of money can restore your body to what it was like in your 20’s.  Once the body deteriorates due of aging, it cannot improve. That’s the fact of life.

Stevan Noronha - On Why Exercise should be the No.1 Priority of Your Life?

And therefore taking care of your body should be every individual’s No.1 priority. You don’t exercise to impress anyone. It’s done for inner well being. By exercise I don’t mean only gymming, it can also be any physical activity which includes running, jogging, fast walk which leads to some form of sweating and increase in your heartbeat.

It’s an investment you make today which pays you handsome dividends later in your life. You can do whatever you want to, if the physical body is with you. More time with family, more travel, ability to handle stress, more happiness, everything is possible.

“I know this, but I genuinely don’t have the time?

If this is your response on why you don’t exercise, then you still have not got the point

You need to have the attitude first. Ask yourself the question – “Is exercise, as important if not more important than my friends, work, money”. The day you say yes and really mean it, is when you will start exercising every day.

Nothing else will make this a habit.  No books, no motivation videos, no friends who promise to join you for workout sessions or club membership will make this a habit. It’s only you who can change this.

Over the last 5 years, I have hardly missed any day from my gym despite having genuine constraints to reach office early like everybody.  And it was only possible because of my prioritization. Come what may i have to gym is my simple philosophy.

At the end of my life if I have to ever give my list of top 10 advice this one will be right up there. Leave you with this one thought which becomes a reality once exercise is your priority.

Stevan Noronha - On Why Exercise should be the No.1 Priority of Your Life?




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