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Positive Reframing as a tool to overcome tough situations.




The day after my wedding, I had developed severe conjunctivitis. In three days time,  we had to catch a flight to Paris for the honeymoon. Everything had been planned and booked in advance. The doctor told me to cancel the trip as i would not recover in time . I did feel sad, as we had spent almost 2 months planning for this and now we just could not go.

Things Not Going Your Way - Stevan Noronha

However i always believed there is no point is regretting over things we have no control over and instead try seeing things in a positive light. So instead of feeling terrible,  i was actually quite relieved and felt lucky that i did not get conjunctivitis a day earlier, which would have ruined my wedding function. And that would have been terrible. So in way what happened was good. I never felt bad about missing my flight ever again.


One of the things entrepreneurship teaches you is to always expect the unexpected.  Just when you think everything is going great, things around you will begin to fall apart. And you go – ‘Oh no! Not again.’

To an outsider, this will appear to be negative . However over the years I have realized that this is nothing but a regular part of the journey , both  as an entrepreneur and even as an individual. Life makes us experience situations which we were not ready for, which we never expected.

Things Not Going Your Way - Stevan Noronha

There is no denying the fact that we have no control over what is gonna happen. How we deal with such situations is the real test of our character and would define how happy we are in our lives.

I always felt that best way to deal with uncertain future is accept it when its there , embrace it. Whenever confronted with difficult situations, i  try to look for something positive however difficult the situation may be . This helps me to cling onto that  positive around me which gives me the strength to accept the present and carry on. This really helped me overcome many adversities.  One should never ever let the situation overpower you and force you to commit mistakes that you would regret later.

So when things don’t go according to plan. Its ok.  Probably it was not meant to be . Seek out for the positive which can comfort you. Give it time and things will work out for themselves.

Two years later, we managed to finally do our Paris trip, using the same itenary we had planned for our honeymoon.



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