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The ‘DO’ Effect




It’s amazing how this always works for me. Probably this may be a fact after all.

Whenever I get stuck at any point, I don’t try to ponder over it too much and wait for things to happen. I prefer to get moving and actually ‘DO’ something. And it works beautifully. Initially I thought this was random but the more I made this a habit I realized this may be the real thing.

Few years ago, I was in my office till late evening trying to finish the market visit report which had to be submitted next morning. Suddenly my laptop hangs. And guess what! I had not saved the document. I lose all content. Isn’t it ironical that such things happens most often when we least want it to. And how do I react. Frustrated, blaming myself for not saving, try to become the instant expert and recover the document in vain, Call the ‘busy on a call’ IT guy only to never find him on the other side of the call. At the end I just lose a lot of time and I don’t get my document back either.

Over the years I learnt not to bother about such events because I then I then started believing in the ‘DO’ Effect.  So now if my machine hangs, I spend no more than 2 minutes figuring out if I can recover the document minus all the stunts which I earlier used to attempt and fail at, then I accept the reality that its gone forever and start writing the report all over again. Simple. Looks stupid but believe me it works. Cause compared to earlier scenario where I ultimately had to write it again but also feel frustrated and ended up wasting more time, this time around my focus was to get the job done again! Don’t get stuck keep moving.

I clearly remember a proud moment which prompted me to write this post. Last Friday evening I was returning back from a client meeting I got stuck in a massive traffic jam near the airport. After spending nearly 20 mins and not moving an inch. I figured I had to ‘DO’ something. There was another way I knew but had gone far ahead and it would mean travelling a long way back to catch the other route. But I thought its better than getting stuck. So I took the u turn and decided to take the other route. Was a little hesitant that maybe the other route would also be jammed cause that’s generally how it is. But since I took this decision I was happy. And guess what I reached home with no major jams. I later heard from a friend who also took the same route that he ended up getting stuck for a good one hour due to a police check. Yes I agree that I may have been purely lucky and could have got stuck elsewhere too. But the bigger point is I tried to ‘DO’ something different. If it did not work it was probably never meant to be and I could carry on as if this was written! But this way atleast I was satisfied with my effort. Start something new instead of worrying.

As an entrepreneur, many times I get stranded in the middle of nowhere with so many client cases almost reaching the closure stage and then getting stuck up. Then there is this phase where nothing happens. It can get frustrating at times. But I prefer not to worry about that, Instead work on being positive and I start doing something new.. The ‘DO’ Belief works well.

Cause what is not in our hand should not be worried about. We should focus on the DO belief and keep moving. Cause that’s what we can control and ‘DO’. Literally!



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