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You May Never Drink Coke after reading this…




Ok. Not just Coke, but for that matter any carbonated drinks or even canned fruit juices.

Diet Soda Bad for Health - Stevan Noronha

While I was aware all these years that fizzy drinks such as Coke, Pepsi and other similar brands are not good for health, but one would always be tempted to drink it often, especially during summers when you are thirsty and a can of coke feels heavenly. These drinks are wonderful to go along with spicy food or quick bites. They are so addictive you wanna have more.

But last week, thanks to a YouTube Video ( in which The Coco Cola Company President – Europe admitted something very drastic regarding Diet Sodas), I came to know of the specifics and that was enough to make me feel guilty for ruining my body so much, that I have now completely given up on these drinks. I didn’t realize that it was doing so much harm to my body.  Also for those like me, who exercise regularly, it was actually reversing any good which was meant to happen.  Don’t know how many people would read this post but if you do, remember to inform this to your near and dear ones.

Now for the Facts

So we all know that these carbonated drinks contain sugar. And sugar is most dangerous food if not taken in moderation.  It can have harmful effects on the body – diabetes and heart diseases have proven to have direct correlation with excess sugar intakes.

But do you have any idea of how much sugar there is in a can of coke.  

Just take a few seconds to guess. The best part is its mentioned on every can or bottle of Coke/Pepsi but I don’t think any of us have a clue of how much that actually translates into. 

So this is an eye opener.

For reference, below is a picture of single sugar cube (4 gms of sugar each) or around 2 packs of regular sugar sachet.

Diet Soda Bad for Health - Stevan Noronha

Now take a wild guess of how many sugar cubes/ sachets could a can of coke contain.

Two,  Three, probably four . You are long way off.

Here’s the shocking part, a can of coke contains 10 sugar cubes. Or 23 sachets of sugar. Thats 39 gms of Sugar. 

Sugar in Coke - Stevan Noronha

Yes you are right 23 sachets of sugar is what you consume when you have that one can of coke. Now thats one full days intake of sugar in one go. 

Whats more,  1 litre bottle of Coke/Pepsi would contains. 108 gm  which is 62 sachets of sugar.

Fruit juices such as Tropicana or Real are no better. In fact any preserved juices are even worse,.

Now every time I feel like ordering a can of coke its 23 sachets of sugar is what I see going inside my body. And I love my body too much to commit this crime.

Hope this would be an eye opener for all of us. And even if some of us reduce its intake, if not completely get off it,  we are doing our bodies some favour. We can probably enjoy our lives much better by being more healthy.

As I did more research, came across a lot of other terrible things associated with soda drinks  but don’t want to be a preacher here. Whether you want to continue with sodas or not, is a personal choice. But one should be aware of the facts. So just leaving behind a few links for those interested.






And for those who thought Diet Coke is better? No really 


Stay Healthy!



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