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Best Answer – ” What’s your biggest weakness?” at Interviews




I love reddit.

This is one place you get tons of practical information both of personal and professional nature. I only wish more people could read them. Hence I have decided to capture some of the best pieces of advice on reddit and post them on this blog with full credit.

So here today’s gold.

The trickiest question of all during interviews “What is your biggest weakness?” question. Reddit came up with some great answers. Here are my top answers. Have posted them verbatim. There are some damn funny ones too which i have added at the end!

  1. Terrified at public speaking is usually the one I go with. It’s fairly relatable but easy to brush off by saying I get past it through practice. It also has the benefit of being true
  2. I’m super hard on myself to the point that it can be counterproductive.
  3. I tend to procrastinate but I keep that at bay by sticking to a to do list etc.
  4. This might only be applicable to someone newly out of college or applying for entry level jobs, but I had a professor tell me to say lack of experience. If you’re applying for an intro level job it’s expected, it’s a weakness that’s not really your fault, and you can spin it as a reason you should get the job.

Funny Ones

  1. “I’m terrible at interviews” got me my job.
  2. Hand them a quality business card that says “I over prepare.”
  3. Me: Answering the semantics of a question while ignoring the pragmatics provided by the context Interviewer: Interesting. Could you give me an example?

Bonus “why do you want to work here?”

I always research before certain things the company does that are special or tied to their mission so for example if a company volunteers and donates every Christmas or they have a leadership program for women. I always weave it into my answer by saying something along the lines of:

“When I apply for jobs i always try to look for companies like ABC corporation who support values that are important to me. For example, I know that ABC Corp. volunteers and donates every Holiday season to the children’s hospital. And volunteering is something that I cherish because I believe in giving back.


I would love the opportunity to work for a company like ABC corporation because your values are aligned with my own. For example, I know that you…

Basically this is a good way to slip in that you did your research on the company and they always love this kind of answer because it shows a human side and let’s them learn about you as a person!

Source : Reddit


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