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How to Reset when things are not going right during the day.




There are always those days where things just don’t go right, whatever we plan, it goes awry.

As an entrepreneur, one has to face all kinds of uncertainties that life throws at you on a daily basis. Just one moment everything is so calm and pleasant – and then a phone call, a mail or an action triggers a chain of downward spirals. And the same happens in our personal life too.

It’s amazing that when one unexpected thing happens (I refuse to say ‘bad thing’ cause in retrospect it may not be one) a series of them happen in quick succession and it feels like it’s really going all downhill from there. Nothing seems to work. You feel it’s a real bad day. And it is in such situations we are the most vulnerable. We make mistakes which we usually would not have, since our mind-set has become a bit more negative and that may result in long term damage.

For me this happens all the time, where through a series of misfortune events which really becomes worse over the course of day and things start looking really bad, in such scenario, I may end up over reacting on some topic, get into an argument with a colleague or generally lose temper which I may regret later on.

One hack I learnt early on in life which worked beautifully most of the time in dealing with such situations was the reset rule.

Haven’t we all experienced that when gadgets don’t work as expected we simply try and reset the gadget by switching it off and then back on. Most of the time, the problem disappears and it all works fine.

The trick is to break the sequence of events going downhill, you realise that most of the time it’s about how we react to these events that makes it worse than it actually is. So to break that chain you should do a reset.

How do you do that?

Simply by walking away. I mean literally.

Just try to get to a newer place or a comfort place where you can get away from all that is happening. It can be a coffee shop, meeting with a friend or family or generally watch a movie. Each one can discover his own reset button

For me it’s going back to my family. Luckily my parents, my sister all stay close to my office. So when I need to reset, I just go and meet my mom and have a cup of tea. That 30 minutes of time spent away, just helps me reset, get energized and more importantly break the sequence of not so nice things that are happening during the day. And miraculously, it does seem much so much better.  


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