Tips for Local Travelling in Singapore for Tourist with kids.

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Singapore with a kid.

This post is in continuation of our ‘Tips for Singapore Trip with Kids’ series. Here we post about travel, food, stay and attractions in separate post which will be uploaded soon. Do keep in touch.

Singapore is super-efficient when it comes to transportation. We tried all possible options during our stay, public bus, MRT, Grab, Standard Taxis. Here are our suggestions

MRT would be the fastest and cheapest mode of transportation in Singapore. However you may need to take 2 trains and change lines etc. depending on location.  Also it depends on how far you stay from MRT. So if you are carrying lot of luggage or with a child +stroller (which was our case), sometimes it is a bit inconvenient. Although you do have lifts at almost all MTR stations to reach the platform zones. if you do intend to take the MRT’s avoid morning and evening rush hours. The EZ Link Pass works for MTR’s as it does for buses, cabs etc.

We found the bus to be really comfortable and a great way of exploring the city. It will definitely consume more time. However if you stay close to the bus stop or if you destination is close to one it definitely is recommended you take the bus. Yes you need to be more aware about stops. So Google maps may help you know your exact status and where to get down. You can use the EZ Link card to pay for the same or use exact change.

Grab: In Singapore you have Grab instead of UBER , so please download the app before you leave. You would need a local number to activate grab. You can book just like you do in UBER. All fares are shown real time. The fares are very competitive and it’s quick and efficient. You can pay via cash or card. For card payment you can activate your card details. I must mention we met some really nice Grab Drivers and it was a pleasure to talk to them. If you are travelling with Small kids, please note there would be 2 SGD additional charges for baby seats. 

Standard Taxis are also available and charge almost the same fare as Grab, during peak times Grab would be more expensive. Again we had some really nice drivers here who we could talk to.

Just for comparison. We travelled from our hotel @ orchard Road to Airport which is around 15 km and fare was approx… 25 SGD, Bus would cost around 2 SGD, similar for MRT but with 2 changes. Pls. note bus charges are per person.  Time taken was 20 mins by MTR and around 1 hour by other two means. 

Our Recommendation : Grab is most convenient and fastest mode. MTR is also suggested but if your really tired and stay close to the bus station, we go with buses.

Special Travel: Cruise and Cable Card, Sentosa Express


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