Top 10 Tips for Planning a Singapore Trip with a kid.

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It was our first international trip with our 2 year old kid, so we were quite excited as well as cautious. We chose Singapore because it’s generally regarded as a kid friendly destination and there was so much to do.

If you have read our earlier post for Dubai, New York, Japan and Hongkong you would realize we spend a ton of time researching across a wealth of information put up on the internet by fellow travelers. So here is something in return.  Below you will find some of the top recommendations which we believe will make your trip more about enjoying the experience and less about worrying about the peripherals. Of course since we traveled with a kid, the focus would be more on kid friendly experiences especially relating to attractions.

Our experience and suggestions about Singapore have been split between 3-4 blog post. Links have been provided below. Don’t forget to read our related posts.

Top Tips

Go with Singapore Airlines: Although this is a not a must, but if you can, try and book with Singapore airlines and you are more or less assured to experience a great flight. Also if you fly Singapore Airlines, you can avail of boarding privileges which entitle you for discounts at several attractions within Singapore. Do check their website to know more.

On Sim : Singapore though an expensive country,  for data is damn cheap. You can get a 7 days pre-paid sim for as low as 12 SGD with SingTel or M1 for 100 GB internet plan. Though you can buy at the airport counter Changi recommends, we found the rates to be bit higher so we purchased one at local seven eleven shop. Don’t forget to carry your passport for the purchase.

Tips on Local Travelling in Singapore for Tourist with kids

On Travel: Singapore is super-efficient when it comes to transportation. We tried all possible options during our stay, public bus, MRT, Grab, Standard Taxis. Here are our suggestions

Please check our comprehensive post on this top : Local Travel in Singapore with a Kid

Which Travel Pass to Buy

You can but the Ez Link pass at airport Changi Recommends. The basic card is SGD 10 each which will contain 5 SGD deposit and 5 SGD value, you can top up at MRT stations through a kiosk or even seven eleven. The Ez link card could be used across MTR and buses.

Where to Stay in Singapore

Singapore is really a small island and commuting is not a big issue from one end to the other. With an efficient transportation system, where you stay would not be a big issue in Singapore as long as you are close to an MRT station.

These are the major hubs you could stay in:

Orchard Road: Pricey as its close to the shopping destination and centrally located. We stayed here at the Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Little India and Chinatown: If you are bit cost conscious and don’t mind exploring the more ethinic lifestyle Little India or Chinatown is the preferred option.

Marina Bay  : Upmarket locality and more touristy.

The Quays – Clarke, Robertson & Boat (turquoise) : This is the go to party destination in Singapore , a food lovers paradise.

Bugis & Kampong Glam

Sentosa Island : If you want to explore all of Sentosa for over 2-3 days its best to stay here.

Apps Recommends for Singapore Travel

Below are the preferred apps which can help you during your travel in Singapore.

Grab  : For Local Car Bookings

Deliveroo : For food Ordering

iChangi :App or Changi Airport, You can shop online too and pick up at Airport. Great way to explore products at Changi.

Google Maps: Location Assistance

CityMapper  : Its really useful and provides you update on all modes of transportation between two destinations lite : Helps you to to know the distance and routes to take

Moov it : Similar to go There

Singapore MTR  : For MTR Travel

Trip Advisor : For local information

Klook : For attractions good discounts are available so this is one stop portal for booking them

Tips on Booking attractions in Singapore: Apps and Timing : Advance or Later

Singapore weather is bit unpredictable it could rain in the morning and be sunny the next hour. Though it’s generally dry and sunny if you would not like to commit your activities in advance rather  do it based on weather closer to your dates. It’s better to book later.

Although some activities do get sold out or promotional offers are not available last minute. So it’s a call one needs to take. We booked our events one day prior through Klook or directly visiting websites.

For booking there are few apps which are popular

  1. Directly Book at the attractions own website. Like for Singapore zoo you can visit their official site and book the tickets there. However their direct rates  are generally more expensive than other aggregators rates.
  2. Klook and Headout are two most popular apps for booking attractions. Klook is more popular and offers better discounts. Please do note some get sold out early so you need to plan well.
  3. My advice is if the rate difference between klook and direct website is not much it’s better to book directly. Sometimes for tickets booked on Klook you need to redeem your tickets first and those are not always at the venue, so you need to travel someplace though closeby to first get your tickets and then go to the venue which leads loss of precious time. So check how to redeem your tickets section before booking. For e.g. for gardens by the bay, to redeem your tickets you need to pick them up at the hotel Marina Sands Bay and then proceed for the attraction which we found cumbersome.

Tips on travelling from Airport to Hotel

Travelling from Airport to Hotel is the first major landmark of your vacation. You would be carrying luggage, tired after a long flight. Your whole objective is to reach your hotel in the fastest and most convenient way possible. So here are some suggestions to help you achieve them

Post Landing:  Singapore airport is very efficient and so immigrations should not take more than 30 mins tops. It was around 10-15 mins for us.

You then enter into the transit area, Changi airport is really beautiful and there are tons of things to do. If you have time its worthwhile to spend some time exploring the gardens in the transit areas, Visit the duty free shops, Go to lounge if you have access.

What to do near the airport ( Coming Soon)

Places to eat at Changi ( Coming Soon)

Lounges ( Coming Soon)

Things to buy before you head out of Singapore airport

Ez Link Card: At Changi Recommends. Once you exit customs you can find it or ask any shop there.

SIM: if you get one around 12 to 15 SGD for 7 days buy it

Alcohol or any other stuff you may need.

You typically have 4 options to travel to your hotel





If you are not carrying lot of luggage MRT is doable however it would be inconvenient first time, Public bus is available at basement, check in advance if the bus stops near your hotel. Again there is not much space for luggage so you may not prefer this mode. Taxis are most efficient if you have luggage and want to reach quickly. 

Since we had plenty of time, we decided to take the bus since it reaches very closes to the hotel ( Royal Plaza on Scotts at Orchard Road), a 3 mins walk. Our only concern was the luggage, since we were carrying 2 pcs of luggage and one stroller. But we decided to check it out and since we were the first passengers and it was empty, we went for it. It was a 1 hour ride and gave us a good view of the city.  If we didn’t have time on hand we would do the taxi which is what we did during our return

Please note buses accepts exact charge or ez link card only. So be prepared

Once you board the bus, tap the card to the machine near the driver’s seat. And before you get down tap it again at the exit gate.

Carry a Stroller for the kid

You have to do a lot of walking in Singapore and the climate is hot and humid so its essential you carry the stroller at all time. Singapore is kid friendly and stroller friendly destination. So you will have not much trouble carrying the stroller around. However you need to be careful about causing inconvenience to others around esp in buses and trains.

You can hire these strollers at various places in Singapore too if you would prefer that.

Coming Soon . Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore with Kids.


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