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Lost a deal. What to do next?




(This post was originally written in Nov 2019)

Two weeks ago, we lost a big deal. Just when we were all ready to execute, we were informed that it is being shelved. It was heart-breaking to lose the deal; this was really an important and a prestigious project.

It was natural to feel disappointed on losing such an opportunity, also tough to move ahead at the same speed post such an experience.

But there is something else too which happened around the same time, we finally bagged a deal which was on hold for over a year. It came out of nowhere. We had lost all hope and I didn’t even want to pursue it when it had come back for pitching after a year, since we had put a lot of effort last time around. But we did go for it and this time we got the deal. We ended up creating a special division to take on such projects.

Two separate instances happening within a period of 14 days.

That’s business, rather that’s life.

And this is just one of the examples which have repeatedly occurred during my entrepreneurship journey.

What I learnt is whenever there is a ‘not so positive outcome’, you should be razor focused on the next task on hand rather than ruminate about what happened. Cause there is really no point. What has happened will be taken care with some other actions. Maybe very quickly or after sometime, but they balance out provided you keep focused.

So next time something not so great happens may be you lose a deal, hang in there. It’s just a minor bump on a long journey you are in and you will face success only if you have patience and persistence to go along with way.


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